MeMy name is Jamie—short in stature with a fairly severe astigmatism, but what I lack in height and sight I make up for with big ideas and awesome results. I am an illustrator, animator, and designer, and I love what I do.

There isn’t a day that goes by without some thought revolving around Chuck Jones or Nintendo. I love monsters, action figures, insects, dinosaurs, and dogs. I look up to Velma Dinkley and Buddy the Elf alike. I prefer water but a glass of hard cider is always appreciated. Sour candy and augmented reality could keep me talking all day. I wear my passions on my sleeves—quite literally; I have a Nintendo themed sleeve tattoo on my right arm, and a cartoon/video game themed sleeve adorning my left.

I graduated from the University of Georgia with degrees in Animation & Interactive Media, Film Studies, and New Media. There, I had a knack for character design and animation and took a keen interest in web design and mobile media. I still reference my History of Animation and Entomology classes daily.

After school I worked as a freelance web and graphic designer. The work was steady, but it made me realize how essential it is to love your work and the process of it. I understood then that in order for me to enjoy my job, I had to get back into an even more creative field. I decided to look to my childhood love of drawing and enrolled in school at the Portfolio Center to study illustration. After leaving my studies there, I went to work in the world of retail. I was good at it, and enjoyed being busy and talking to people about video games and toys all day, but kept dreaming of vending at comic, anime, and gaming conventions and starting my own business. So, 6 months later, I quit my job, moved to Austin, TX, started my own business, and began vending at comic, anime, and gaming conventions.

I love this type of work and am improving my craft every day. I am always looking for bigger and better things, however, and would love to be a part of an incredible team producing awesome stuff. One of my favorite parts of running my own business was getting to try my hand at producing all the things I want. I created my own stickers, buttons, temporary tattoos, screen printings, and now I am starting to design toys.

I moved back to my hometown of Atlanta, GA to start work at an amazing company called Dragon Army, making illustrations and animations for mobile games. It was a wonderful opportunity with fantastic co-workers, but unfortunately short-lived, as we had to close the doors to our game studio about 3 months after I began working there.

I am currently on the hunt to find the next amazing opportunity, and can’t wait to speak with you!

Specialties: illustration, character design, pattern design, toy design, problem solving, teamwork, animation, awesomitude